Honest American roots music in the same vein as singer-songwriters such as Rodney Crowell, Chris Knight, and contemporary Ward Davis.
— No Depression
He’s a throwback in some ways musically, but THE GOD’S OWN TRUTH represents a man moving forward and an artist who shows great promise.
— The Revue
Chris Watts is a rising star in Country Music
— Shreveport Times
It’s no easy task to get away from the cutesy, front porch players that ride the waves of the Americana trend. Chris Watts has the constitution, however, to handle a harsh diet of topics while balancing the good and the bad.
— The Rowdy
Watts sings in the title track ‘I may never be Bob Dylan,’ but he has a knack for melody, lyrics, and truth that shows promise a an artist coming into his own.
— The Daily Country
Chris’ songwriting is so personal and engulfing that it’s almost impossible to not find yourself entrenched in his storytelling from the first listen. With a voice so natural and believable, anything he sings will be eternally his.
— Grammy/Emmy-winning producer Jack Miele
People crave genuine. People crave authentic. Chris effortlessly merges his truths into story-like songs that speak on topics relatable to any listener of any age.
— Livewell's Latest